September 28, 2017

What I Did Last Summer

Until now I never told anybody what I did last summer. There was this one person who said they knew what I did, but they were way off base.

It all started with the Land Rover I borrowed from a friend. I had no plan. No plan at all. I just started driving and eventually found myself in the desert. There I met this gnarled old medicine man who told me I was destined for great things. He smelled funny. And then he disappeared.

My buddy's Range Rover

Later that day I climbed this cliff face for a shot of the sunset and got stuck up there overnight. The medicine man appeared again, smelling even funnier than before. He told me I was destined for grape things. I was confused. And then he disappeared. Grape things?

My footsies

You are destined for grape things.

— Smelly Medicine Man

I woke to a hot air balloon over my head. They swooped down and asked if I wanted a lift. When presented with adventure, you just say yes. That's my motto. And up I went. I don't remember anything else.