Front-end Assets

Last updated on March 27th, 2020.

This starter kit uses Laravel Mix to compile and process CSS & JavaScript assets.

This means that every time you make changes to CSS or JS, you'll need to re-process your assets. Here's a little demo of how to do that.

Oh and quick side note, you're gonna need to have your Npm or Yarn dependencies installed before running these commands. Just run npm i

Processing for Development

If you're just wanting to compile the assets once, run npm run dev.

Or you can have it watching for changes, and compile when those changes happen. We also have BrowserSync setup so your page will refresh whenever a change happens, just like magic! ✨ npm run watch

Processing for Production

When you run for production, Mix will also minify your styles and it will remove any style rules that aren't being used in your code. npm run production