Install all the things....

Like Statamic, you'll need to have Composer installed before doing anything.

As long as you've got that installed, along with the other requirements, just run through these steps.

1. Create a new site by cloning the repo and removing the Gitness

git clone [email protected]:doublethreedigital/docs-starter-kit docs-site
cd docs-site
rm -rf .git
composer install
cp .env.example .env && php artisan key:generate

2. Make a new user - make sure it'a a super so you can login to the CP

php please make:user

3. Recompile the CSS (only if you wanna) This starter kit uses TailwindCSS and PurgeCSS, meaning it has a build process.

yarn && yarn dev

And if you want to do it for production:

yarn prod

4. Do your thing! If you're using Valet, your site should be good to go at http://docs-site.test.